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Create Financial and Time Freedom to Explore Life

Hello, I’m Jenny an adept modern nomadI don’t have a typical day or week or month as it all depends on our state of slow travel

You could find us on the English Riviera, or at a local brewery; or looking after an art collection out on Dartmoor National Park. 

This all depends on the house sitting & pet sitting gig we have taken on and for which we are paid.

When I am not crafting Financial Freedom Plans or Money Road Maps1  I am touring around looking for isolated Camping Spots in Sunny, our van.

 ♥ Sunny is our tiny home on wheels ♥ 

I work with people who love to be free and are even a tiny bit rebellious.  They hate the idea that life, as it is now, is how it has to be until they retire or die whatever comes first.

My students want to prepare their money matters so they can quit the rat race and be in control of both their time and money.

They want to dictate life on their own terms.  They don’t want to defer life now to some time in the future that may never come, or God forbid they are too sick or old to enjoy.

Retirement to them is a bigger risk than structuring their lives in a way where there is no need for decades of drudgery before enjoying this one life.  (hashtag OneLifeLoveIt)

 The people I coach work with me to figure out how they can afford to make BIG BOLD CHANGES.

They are more than ready to map their money to their life and start a new journey.  A journey of immersive travel, adventure, open roads, new people and places.  A journey of exploration, learning and freedom.

I help my students identify their money mindsets while experiencing more abundance in their lives. My students learn how to map their money to their lives and not their lives to their money.

As their guide, I show my wanderers how to turn their money confusion into a clear plan.  I teach them how to map out a financial route, that allows them to enjoy the journey not just the destination.  It’s time to put money in its place and used as a tool to get us where we want to go.

 Together we put the Fun back into Financials.  

I have decades of experience (I stopped counting after 10 years) helping and advising people with their money.

I have a ton of certificates and qualifications (somewhere but not on my walls) to prove I am qualified to give financial advice even in areas that are super tricky.

Although I am a woman I was invited and accepted the position as a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

The Society of Later Life Advisers would trust me to give their mum and dad advice and I am accredited through them.

Most importantly I walk the talk.  Every day I am on this journey with you.

If people are going to try and put me in a box these are the labels these are the ones I would prefer:

Nomad I haven’t lived in my house since the Autumn of 2014
Paid Housesitter 1,000 + nights housesitting in the last 5 years
Expat  Zimbabwean born, grew up in South Africa, married a Namibian. The UK is now my home base.
Minimalist What we own fits in our van.
Essentialism Being more conscious and mindful and letting go of that which matters not both physically and psychologically
Rebel Gretchen Reuben style. If I am told to do something I will not want to do it unless I can make sense of it.
Introvert Cring and kindhearted but I can only be around others for a spell before I need to recharge my batteries.
Lifelong Learner Rather than be an expert who becomes complacent I view myself as a lifelong learner continually exploring and improving.
TBC For if the above is true then this list will expand and contract.

 Every journey begins with the first step.  Take that first step now.

Financial Freedom Plans or Money Road Maps are not UK-regulated financial advice.   These are my passion project.